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    Who are Woodpecker?

    The family who produce Woodpecker flooring actually grew up in the timber industry. Passionate about the personality, life and atmosphere that wood flooring brings to the home, they loved working with this natural material for more than two decades. Their understanding and experience of timber shows in the stunning characteristics of every floorboard that Woodpecker create.

    With so many styles, finishes and formats to choose from, we feel assured that you will find something to suit your needs.


    Woodpecker care about the environment and do as much as they can to bring you flooring that has been manufactured with this ethos in mind. All of their wood has either Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forests (PEFC) certifications. Through Woodpecker's strong values, you can feel reassured that you are receiving a beautiful and ethically sourced wooden floor to enjoy throughout your home.

    Maintenance & Cleaning

    For all maintenance and cleaning of Woodpecker wood and laminate flooring, we highly recommend that you use Woodpeckers own line of tested and developed cleaning products.

    The Woodpecker Floor Care Kits are all-inclusive kits that can be purchased for £32.00. Woodpecker offer two care kits that have been specifically designed for separate use on laminate/lacquered and oiled floors. The Woodpecker Floor Care Kits include everything essential to maintaining a beautiful floor that will last the test of time... and your pets mucky paws!


    All Woodpecker floors carry the reassurance of confidence in their strength and durability with a 25 year warranty. The attention to detail that Woodpecker pay to the creation of every floor ensures that you can have this confidence. Their careful selection of trees before they’re felled and the ways in which they saw, stack and dry timber all counts towards guaranteeing that the finished result will bring you delight for many years to come.

    Browse below to discover the 9 beautiful ranges

    Solid Wood

    By bringing the feel of the forest into your home, a solid wood floor not only offers strength and durability but also the tactile sensation of its natural wood texture. Once installed, it soon becomes a living, breathing part of your surroundings, radiating its warmth and feeling confident under your feet.

    York Range

    Our York range speaks of the timeless tranquillity of a woodland bridge, surrounded by the ancient trees of the North York Moors. Dappling sunlight shines between leaves above, a cool bubbling emanating from the spring below as it chortles towards the rugged nearby heaths.

    Engineered Wood

    To the naked eye, engineered wood flooring has all the natural beauty of solid wood. Intriguing textures, rich and subtle colours, and gorgeous finishes are all present and correct. However, the boards are constructed in a way that makes them more versatile, and more practical, in today’s home.

    Berkeley Range

    Splashed by spring water since the beginning of time, the stones are smooth and rounded, as though polished by a thousand footfalls. They’re sleek to the touch as you clamber along the water’s edge in one of England’s oldest remaining woodlands near Berkeley, Gloucestershire.

    Chepstow Range

    The gnarled old bark of the fallen tree, splodged occasionally with bright green lichen, is as interesting to see as it is to touch. With a little imagination it becomes like the skin of an ancient Welsh dragon asleep for generations in an ancient Monmouthshire wood. 

    Goodrich Parquet Range

    Like the ancient art of dry stone walling, our parquet flooring is created with both natural form and long-lasting function. Laid to stand the test of time, it gets better with the memories of each footstep that’s taken across its intricate patterns.

    Harlech Range

    Imagine a barefoot stroll as you make your way towards the refreshing seaside at Harlech, in North Wales. The white capped peak of Mount Snowdon behind you, waves breaking onto the light sands ahead, a peaceful rest awaits…

    Raglan Range

    Well trodden and worn, the stone path is warm underfoot, softened by the grass and foliage that cushions the ground. This weathered walk takes you to the beautiful Wye Valley, the inspiration for our Raglan range.

    Salcombe Range

    There’s nothing like soft, forgiving sand underfoot as you run towards a lapping tide, the breeze in your face and the fresh scent of sea spray on the air. This range takes inspiration from the  placid waters of the Salcombe estuary.


    Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials you’ll ever come across. When it’s mature, we cut it for use and a new harvest replenishes in just five years. Although it’s not strictly speaking a wood – bamboo is a family of grass – it forms its own unique grain patterns and can be worked into extremely hardwearing floorboards, with the natural look and qualities of hardwood.

    Oxwich Range

    Formed in the forest, felled for whatever reason, used, discarded, and worn by the waves. Driftwood is one of nature’s marvels, and no two pieces are the same. Oxwich Bay is a treasure trove for driftwood hunters and gives impetus to our Oxwich range.


    Laminate flooring looks just like real wood, but the latest manufacturing techniques mean that it’s tough, scratch resistant and long lasting. It’s also very affordable compared to an all-wood product.

    Wembury Range

    True to its Devonshire seaside namesake, our Wembury range offers a relaxing retreat to everyone. At the beach you can leave your footprints on the time-worn smooth rocks as you exit the sea, and explore the endless rock pools.