Firstly, congratulations on your engagement!!

We have comprehensive range of stunning furnishings, lifestyle accessories and gifts which makes up the perfect Wedding List.


In Store 
By appointment, one of our helpful assistants will help you compile your list, and then distribute to your guests on enquiry. We will manage your list and all gifts will be safely stored and delivered to your nominated address on your preferred date.

You can set up a wedding list here on our website. On every product in our store, you'll see an 'add to wishlist' button. You can have as many wishlists as you like, and you can change them to make them public or private. Make them public, and you can share the link with friends and family. Once they purchase one of the items on your list, it will be removed from the list to avoid duplicates.

On completion of your Wedding List we will be delighted to present you with a voucher to the value of 10% of all guest purchases to enable you to choose items which may not have not been selected by your guests or any additional product purchases from our range.

For further information or to book an appointment, get in touch now!