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Turtle Mat

Started in 1994, Turtle Mat have been innovating mats for twenty years with stylish designs and exceptional quality. What started as a doormat to protect floors from dirt and water, Turtle Mat's are now widely used in kitchens, bathrooms, boats, caravans, conservatories, utility rooms and more. Proving that not only does the Turtle Mat work, but it is an incredibly stylish product and can also add to the overall look of a room.

However, the bit we love most is the fact that their head office has been designed to look like a turtle! Now that's cool.

Why Turtle Mat?

Unlike traditional doormats made from coir, nylon or even carpet off-cuts, the cotton-pile of Turtle Mats has been engineered from an industrial background to actively absorb moisture and dirt; whilst it's anti slip rubber back minimises the chance of the mat moving and slipping on floors. Their super absorbent cotton tufts work hard to trap moisture and grab dirt so you don't have to.

All of the Turtle Mat's we stock are multi-grip. We like multi-grip because they are made from 100% recycled rubber and can be used on hard and soft floors. Turtle Mats are also guaranteed for five years, machine washable and can even be tumble dried. So, you can be assured that there's no better doormat to protect your home.


Made in the UK and multiple award-winning, they really are the king of all mats!


Mat Facts

Doormats are the primary defence against walking in dirt and moisture.

Doormats should do four things:

  • Stop dirt and water at the door.
  • Store soil and water for removal.
  • Protect carpets and hard floor surfaces.
  • Be machine washable.

70-80% of dust dirt and grime in homes is walked in through doorways permanently damaging floors and carpets.

The average 6 room home takes in 40 pounds (that's 20 bags of sugar) of dust and dirt in one year and 80% of that is walked in on shoes, boots and paws.

Approximately 1 in 5 of us is allergic to some component of dust and more and more people are suffering from allergies.

When asked 'What's the first thing you look at when judging cleanliness?' The most popular response was 'Floors'.

Slip related injuries in the home are most often cause by mats on hard floors that do not have anti slip rubber backings.

Good quality mats will keep a home cleaner for longer, reduce the costs and the time spent on cleaning materials and protect floor coverings from damage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

'What makes a Turtle Mat so good at trapping moisture and dirt?'

Turtle Mats, specifically the plain colours, utilise a blend of natural cotton and microfibre which in combination absorbs moisture (cotton) and the minute fibres of the microfibre hold onto dust and dry dirt. Turtle Mats' heritage stems from Scandinavia where they have been widely used on oil platforms and by fishing fleets.

'Why are they called Turtle Mats?'

These soft, effective and hard-wearing mats were discovered by James Turtle in 1994, who recognised their potential for use in the home, and introduced them to Britain. James named the product Turtle Mat and their quality and functionality have established them as the leading brand in dirt trapping mats.

'What is a Turtle Mat made of?'

Multi-Grip Classic mats are made from a cotton rich pile (70% cotton, 30% Microfibre). All Turtle Mat design mats are made from a recycled cotton pile. Backings are made from latex and nitrile rubber (Multi-grip).

'How do I wash a Turtle Mat?'

Turtle Mats can either be hand or machine washed up to 40°C using a colour kind non-biological detergent without bleaching agents/optical brighteners, as this helps to preserve the colour of the mat. Please do not add fabric conditioner or use washing liquids/capsules/ powder with added conditioner as it reduces the absorbency of the cotton pile of the mat. Turtle Mats can also be tumble dried on a low heat setting or left to dry naturally. When washing/drying check the filters on your machine as directed by the manufacturer and also check the load limit on your machine, as large Turtle Mats can be heavy when wet.

'Why do you recommend I wash my Turtle Mat before use?'

All mats have been washed once already before they reach you but will benefit from a second wash to raise the pile and improve the absorbency. Like many cotton pile products (towels for example) absorbency is improved when the product is completely free of any yarn 'dressing'.

'How thick is a Turtle Mat?'

A Turtle Mat is excellent for fitting under low lying doors while still being extremely effective. Latex backing approx: 8mm Multi-Grip backing approx: 1cm

'Can Turtle Mats be fitted into a mat well?'

Turtle Mats can easily be used in a mat well. Depending on the depth of the well, you may need to infill the well to achieve a level almost flush with your floor. Turtle Mats can be trimmed down to fit the well. Please wash your mat several times before cutting as a small level of shrinkage may occur.

'Am I able to cut a Turtle Mat?'

Yes, both backings (latex & multi-grip) are able to be cut down to a specific size. They won't fray as they don't have a continuous thread but we do recommend you wash several times before cutting as a small level of shrinkage may occur.