Fired Earth


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Fired Earth paint

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Tester Pot 50ml, Matt Emulsion 2.5L, Matt Emulsion 5L, Eggshell 750ml, Eggshell 2.5L, Masonry 5L

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A Day by the Sea, A Dip in the Lake, Aconite Yellow, Alabaster, Amber Gris, Amethyst, Antimony, Apres Ski, Bamiyan Blue, Basswood, Bianco, Blue Ashes, Blue Grass, Bone White, Burnt Verdigris, Canvas, Carbon Blue, Carragheen, Celadon, Chalk Violet, Chalk White, Charcoal, China Clay, Cobble, Cochineal, Debutantes Gown, Delias Secret, Dover Cliffs, Dowager, Dragon's Blood, Duck Egg, Ecru, Festival Orange, Flake White, Garden City, Garden Folly, Garnet, Gesso, Gin & Tonic, Glass Samphire, Goldfinsh, Granite, Graphite, Gypsum, Hansel & Gretel, Hummingbird, Hustle at 5pm, Ivory, Light Umber, Lime White, Little Owl, Madder Red, Malachite, Malm, Manna Ash, Marble, Marram, Mercury, Mockingbird, Modernist White, Nordic Light, Oak Apple, Old Cream, Old Ochre, Old White, Opal Green, Orchard Pink, Oxford Ochre, Oyster, Pale Cirrus, Pale Coumarin, Passion flower, Pearl Ashes, Platinum Pale, Plumbago, Pompeiian Red, Pumblechook, Pumice, Quartz Stone, Roman Ochre, Rose Bay, Rose Mallow, Sea Lavender, Sienna Earth, Silica White, Skylon Grey, Smoke Blue, South Bank, Stone Ochre, Storm, Summer Lichen, Sweet Cicely, Tempest, Terracotta Warrior, Top Hat, Travertine Crema, Tundra, Turkish Blue, Tyrian Rose, Ultramarine Ashes, Verd-Antique, Was Myrtle, Weald Green, Weld Yellow, White Mulberry, White Ochre, Wild Olive, Yes Your Honour