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    Carpet Studs


    Carpet Studs make a beautiful feature of landings, runners and create luxury boarders for rooms around the home.

    Our Carpet Studs are a simple, easy to use accessory that create a great effect in your home. They feature a 19mm serrated pin which secures your carpet into the wooden subfloor floor below, ensuring a very strong grip. Their visual effect is highly effective when used on stairs which then run onto a landing.

    Available in 5 versatile colours and come in jars of 100 or 250.

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    • 250 or 100 studs available in a jar
    • 250 Studs at a 10cm spacing would cover (approximately) 25 meters of carpet runner
    • Specially designed 19mm serrated stud

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    Black / Pewter, Brass, Bronze *popular*, Chrome, Nickel

    Jar Size

    100 Studs, 250 Studs


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