• Upholstered Range

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    Our upholstered range of lifestyle furnishings are available in a wide range of wools and aniline leathers. To view our collection come and see for yourself at our destination showroom, just 7 miles South of Hereford.

    Soft, tactile, breathable, warm, colourful, sustainable, adaptable…the old image of coarse, scratchy, dour tweed simply does not exist these days. While still retaining its heritage of practicality and longevity, the Harris Tweed of today extols all the qualities and virtues of a truly luxury 21st century fabric.

    We celebrate the natural characteristics of each hide and its marks as each skin is unique and tells its own story. Aniline leather is coloured only with dye, and not with any surface coating of polymer and pigment. A degree of natural marks and considerable shade variation should be expected as there is no leather more natural than this collection.

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