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    Have you ever dreamed of having designer fabrics made into window coverings at truly affordable prices?


    Through our new partnership with ilLv fabrics we are now the solution to your interior dreams! The newest feature to our destination showroom is iLiv's top 100 most popular fabrics. Eager to know more? Then read below or book an appointment today! 

    Introductory Promotion

    For every £300 you spend on curtains and blinds, we will give you a £50 voucher to spend on cushions covers and curtain tiebacks!


    Choosing to dress your window with curtains is the most customisable option that we offer. All of our fabrics can be made into 4 styles of curtains with 4 types of lining. Do you enjoy simplicity such as eyelet curtains with a cotton sateen lining, or exquisite curtains featuring a goblet style heading and interlined fabric? With 16 options for you to choose, we are confident that you will discover something you love!

    Heading Styles

    A curtain heading is simply the name given to the bunched fabric at the top of a curtain. There are four main types which we offer as part of our iLiv range. 


    Pencil Pleat

    Pencil pleats, arguably the most common pleat, consist of tightly gathered folds that retain their shape. They come as either 3' or 6' pleats and can be used with either curtain poles or tracks, ensuring a good fit for any window area.


    Less formal than pinch pleats, eyelets have a contemporary feel. When the curtain is closed they create a soft, curving fold down the fabric and need far less material than other types of pleat. Eyelet headings only work with poles, which should be fitted at least 15cm above the window. You can choose between nickel plate, old nickel, gold, black, satin nickel, old brass or copper rings. 


    Elegant and sophisticated, goblet pleats create a striking look and are ideal for use with longer windows. Choose rich jacquard or tapestry fabrics and combine them with lavish rope ties for a truly luxurious look. Perfect for creating a striking interior!


    Pinch Pleat

    Pinch Pleats, also known as French pleats, are curtains with pleats sewn into the top. Here you can choose either double or triple pleated curtains and these can be hung on either a track system or on a pole. The overall appearance is truly elegant and classic - suited to formal rooms. 


    Having your curtains lined serves three purposes:-

    • Insulation - closed curtains help keep out draughts whilst trapping heat in the room.
    • Protection - lined curtains add an added level of resistance against strong sunlight that may lead to colour fading
    • Hanging - lined curtains add extra weight to the fabric which allows them to hang better.


    Unlined curtains simply leave you with 'naked' hanging fabric. Without some layer of lining behind your curtain there will be no protective barrier against colour fading, insulation and draughts. 

    Cotton Sateen

    Our standard lining is cotton sateen. This is a 100% cotton sheet with a high thread count. The sheets are woven from combed, carded, or long-fiber cotton threads. This basic type of lining prevents fading and sun damage to your fabrics and will improve the drape of your curtains, creating a more substantial, fuller look.


    Blackout Lining means that no light will pass through the fabric itself. The lining has a coating applied which blocks up all of the tiny pores in the weave which would usually allow the light to pass through. Blackout lining also has thermal qualities, helping to prevent draughts and minimising the loss of heat, in the same way that interlining works.


    Interlined curtains have an additional layer of fabric in between the basic cotton sateen lining and designer fabric. This additional layer is best described as a light blanket. Interlined curtains form more rounded, fuller pleats and have an opulent, sumptuous appearance. They also have superb thermal qualities, blocking draughts and avoiding heat loss. Interlined curtains hang best on a floor length drop


    Roman Blinds

    Roman Blinds are a type of blind used to block out the sun. Roman blinds are different from standard blinds in that they stack up evenly when being opened; however, when they are open they are visibly smooth, not bumpy or ribbed like typical vertical shades or other styles.

    They are controlled using a simple cord mechanism, allowing the user to adjust the height of the area. There are two styles of cord system you can choose; a side winder or a cord & cleat. With a side winder you are able to choose whether you want your winder on the left or right hand side and all cords comes in a simple choice of silver, white or gold.



    With any fabric you choose, we can also supply matching accessories to finish off your look. Simply ask in-store for more details.

    • Cushions - We can supply individual 18'' x 18'' cushion cases. Prices vary from £24 - £36 per case, depending on your choice of fabric. 
    • Tie Backs - To work with your new curtains, we can supply pairs of curtain tiebacks. Prices vary from £36 - £50 per pair, depending on your choice of fabric.
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