• Five timeless collections

    Colours of England

    The Colours Of England collection is a range of classic and contemporary colours and includes true historic shades authenticated by English Heritage; here we present the most beloved and timeless Georgian, Regency and Victorian and Twentieth Century colours.Click for technical information

    Colour Scales

    Colour Scales is a collection of 48 sophisticated neutrals in 12 families. Each family is made up of four shades with colours stepped in strength to achieve a more precise shade or a simple, harmonious colour combination when used together.


    For interior designers, blue is the most versatile of all colour groups and for historians, it offers the richest of stories. Since ancient times, the precious nature of naturally occurring blue pigments has given these shades stature and gravitas in art, fashion and decoration. In our interpretation of the world around us, blue represents both sky and sea… but also space and infinity; and in this perpetuity, blue colour schemes naturally offer security, longevity, depth and calmness.


    The capsule collection of grey consists of shades grouped in one of four root colours: turquoise, green, yellow and pink.


    Historically, 'Pink' is a name associated with yellow pigment, taking its commonly perceived meaning in the seventeenth century. It was several hundred years later, in the footsteps of an emerging fashion industry, that this family of soft, warm hues acquired its' feminine association. This capsule collection of eight pinks and a coordinating, limited edition, wallpaper combines historical muted pinks with much bolder shades such as Cape Red and Carmine, a significant 1960's colour identified by English Heritage research.