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    Who are Karndean?

    Established in 1973, Karndean have been manufacturing, marketing and supplying creative LVT design flooring to a worldwide base of interior designers, architects, specifiers and flooring contractors for use in residential and commercial environments.

    Each range comes with a selection of customizable features so you can create something really special and personal to you. With so many styles, finishes and formats to choose from, we feel assured that you will find something to suit your needs.



    Discover the 10 ranges

    Design Flooring

    Do you love the authentic, rustic look of traditional crafted wood planks? Or perhaps you prefer the distinctive texture and intricate patterns of quarried stone or the smooth feel of classic marble. Whatever your space, whatever your style, you're bound to find a look that's just right for you in our wide range of beautiful, high quality LVT from Karndean. 

    Karndean Design Flooring Art Select LM18_Caldera Simply Stunning Interiors

    Art Select

    Inspired by natural materials, Art Select is Karndean's most authentic and premium wood and stone range. Each plank and tile features intricate registered embossing,  Karndean's thickest wear layer and realistic finishes inspired by handcrafted techniques. Finish your flooring with a feature strip design. 

    Karndean Design Flooring Da Vinci LST04_Spirito-Limestone Simply Stunning Interiors

    Da Vinci

    Da Vinci's traditional finishes combined with angled edges give a classic look with modern appeal. All woods come in trendy, slender 36" 3" planks and stone tiles vary  from 16" x 16" to 12" x 12". Amplify this range through Karndean's decorative boarders which work wonderfully as each plank and tile is bevelled on the edges. Each tile has registered embossing  to give you the real stone effect.

    Karndean Design Flooring Michelangelo MLC08_Atomic Simply Stunning Interiors


    Make a statement with Michelangelo's mosaics, metallics and soft contoured pebbles. Each style comes in either 12" x 12" or 16" x 16" tile designs, all with deeply embossed effects. The range is highly attractive in bathrooms and holiday homes.

    Karndean design Flooring Van Gogh VGW53T_Wellington-Oak Simply Stunning Interiors

    Van Gogh

    Van Gogh captures the character of real timber in a wide range of designs from distressed to limed wood effects. All planks come as a standard 48" x 7" size, are matt finished and feature subtle, rustic textures. 

    Karndean Design Flooring Opus WP413_Magna Simply Stunning Interiors


    Opus offers consumers a fresh, contemporary look with its soft and fashionable greys and modern timbers range. The range also features the largest planks and tile sizes within Karndean's 'Designer Flooring' portfolio. Works exceedingly well in large rooms or open plan areas. 

    Karndean Design Flooring Knight tile ST14_Cumbrian-Stone Simply Stunning Interiors

    Knight Tile

    Knight Tile, with the widest choice of planks and tiles, ensures that there's something for everyone. Each piece is lightly embossed to convey authentic grain details in all of its classic and contemporary wood and stone designs. With optional smaller plank and tile sizes, this affordable range can work well in smaller rooms. 


    Our Easy-Fit flooring ranges have all the benefits of our designflooring ranges, with a beautiful realistic look, distinctive textures, and a huge array of colours, styles and tones to choose from. However, LooseLay, Palio Clic and Korlok also have the added advantages of being easy to fit, quick to install, and allow more flexibility when it comes to temporary flooring, reducing noise transfer from room to room, replacing sections or panels and installing over imperfect subfloors.

    Karndean Design Flooring Korlok RKP8105 Texas White Ash Bathroom LS1 Simply Stunning Interiors


    Korlok, a calm range of 12 classic wood shades that feature easy instillation, acoustic reducing, waterproof and low maintenance qualities. 

    Karndean Design Flooring Looselay llp112-hartford Simply Stunning Interiors

    LooseLay & LooseLay Longboard

    With its innovative K-Wave friction grip backing, acoustic amplifying features and accessibility to uplift and lay new planks, LooseLay can be installed over almost any floor. 

    Karndean Design Flooring Palio Clic PalioClicCT4304 Simply Stunning Interiors

    Palio Clic

    Designed for quick and easy installation - you can achieve an authentic and luxurious feel in your home in no time at all.

    With eight intricate wood and four classic stone designs, each plank and tile boasts realistic textures with Karndean's hard-wearing and easy-clean wear layer on top.

    How we can Help

    Choosing your new Karndean flooring may at first appear tricky... However, we have put together a list of steps you can take to make your Karndean experience as fun and exciting as it deserves to be!

    Option 1 Come and visit our dedicated Karndean showroom. From here you can browse through all of our stunning ranges in person. Following on, at this point and at your convenience, our experienced Flooring Manager can arrange a home consultation.

    Option 2 Try Karndean's Floorstyle DesignerThis online tool lets you view the wide range of floors in typical home settings, straight from your computer! Simply select a room layout, then choose a floor from more than 150 different products. From here you can select between designs, varying laying patterns and corresponding design strips.

    Option 3 Download Karndean's augmented reality app for your personal Apple device. This groundbreaking app allows you to bring our selection of Karndean products inside your very own home! For guidance, we recommend you watch the video below.

    Option 4 Download Karndean's Product Selector app for your personal Apple or Google device. This simple app brings the whole catalogue of Karndean products straight to your phone. So pop the kettle on, sit back, and browse the range in the comforts of your own home. 

    Option 5 If you are really stuck for ideas and not sure which product or range is right for you, then try Karndean's Range Quiz.


    Every Karndean purchase through Simply Stunning will now come with a free 750ml bottle of clean solution. If you order over 20m2 of flooring we upgrade your offer to a free full cleaning kit!


    Did you know that over 80% of service calls are due to cleaning and maintenance issues? For all maintenance and cleaning of Karndean flooring, we highly recommend that you use Karndean's own line of tested and developed cleaning products.

    The Karndean Floor Care Kit is an all-inclusive kit that can be purchased for only £41.99. Far too often we hear horror stories of clients attempting to clean their newly installed flooring with inappropriate solutions. In extreme cases, this has led to long term scarring of their flooring. The Karndean Floor Care Kit includes everything essential to maintaining a beautiful floor that will last the test of time... and your pets mucky paws! 

    Turtle Mats

    When you have your Karndean flooring installed, you want to maintain that clean, new-floor look. Using Turtle Mat's to trap dirt and moisture from outside is a perfect addition to minimise the amount of cleaning required. Developed to leave your floors as spotless as the last time you cleaned them, Turtle Mats' super absorbent cotton tufts work hard to trap moisture and grab dirt so you don't have to.

    Each mat is guaranteed for five years, machine washable and can even be tumble dried. You can be assured that there's no better doormat or rug to protect your home.