Commercial Ranges

All of Karndean's ranges are suited to commercial applications. However, there are two ranges we would highly recommend.

Opus Enhance

Opus Enhance is an extension from the normal stick-down Opus range. Karndean has developed a range specifically aimed for commercial applications featuring an R11 Slip Resistance, a score of 40 on the Pendulum Wet Test (58 Dry) and a 'Commercial Heavy' classification.


LooseLay Longboard

LooseLay Longboard, a range from Karndean's Easy-Fit collection, is exceptionally quick and easy to install. The product features an R10 Slip Resistance, a score of 33 on the Pendulum Wet Test (61 Dry) and a 'Commercial Heavy' classification.


For ideas and inspiration, we recommend you try out Karndean's Floorstyle Designer


Product Thickness: 2.5mm

Wear Layer: 0.55mm

Wood Designs: 6 Wood Planks

Sizes: 36'' x 6'' & 48'' x 9''

Stone Designs: 2 Stone Tiles

Sizes: 24'' x 18''


Product Thickness: 4.5mm

Wear Layer: 0.55mm

Wood Designs: 12 Wood Planks

Sizes: 59'' x 10'' 



Opus Enhance is a typical Luxury Vinyl Tile product that must be stuck down with adhesive on a dry and smooth, flat surface - either screed or plywood.



LooseLay Longboard is a versatile product that can be laid on a variety of subfloors with only a thin layer of tackifier needed around the perimeter of each room.



High slip resistance levels

Customisable with design strips and boarders


Quick installation

Can be individually replaced

Allows access to the floor below

Waterproof product - dries in rooms prone to flooding

Sound amplifying qualities