• Designer Paints

    Whether it’s a bold statement or those finishing touches, there’s nothing like paints created for unique schemes that are absolutely yours. The Little Greene, Fired EarthMylands, Paint & Paper Library and Sanderson paint collections offer a wide range of luxuriously elegant shades.

    All paints are available in multiple finishes allowing you to work across your entire home. 

    Great décor starts with exquisite colour

    Green Verditer_Garden_Landscape

    Little Greene - Mixed on-site

    Little Greene paint is for those who love their home.

    We believe, and decorators will often agree, that Little Greene is the King of all paints. With a wide portfolio of finishes, a beautiful colour bank, and superb coverage - it's hard to disagree!

    Fired earth Paint Simply Stunning Interiors

    Fired Earth

    Bringing together 120 colours through elegant neutrals, bold accents and charming pastels.



    Britain's oldest family-owned paint manufacturer.

    Mylands has remained one of the best-kept secrets of London’s master decorators and interior design specialists.

    Paint & Paper Library

    A revised palette of 180 architectural shades to inspire designers and passionate homeowners. 


    A paint range from, arguably, one of Britain's most sought after home interior brands.

    The Shades of Sanderson is a comprehensive range of paints featuring 154 shades in a timelessly elegant palette.