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Carpets bream with warmth and homeliness. With thousands of colours and styles at our destination showroom, at first, picking a new carpet may seem a daunting task! However, with knowledgable staff and an easy, stress-free process - we can make your experience the most exciting one yet!


Our ethos is, rather than you spending hours researching and trying to figure out what the best solution is, let us do the hard work! Simply browse through our stunning ranges with ease, take your favourite samples home, let us follow up by booking a free home measure and consultation visit and then we can provide a quote - all no obligation and completely free!


However, if you enjoy gathering some information so you can enter our showroom with confidence - have a look through this page to grasp an insight into the world of carpets. For a start, carpets are made from 3 different materials.



Wool carpets are a timeless option and, unlike many assumptions, come in an array of stunning colours. There are countless reasons why any flooring retailer will always start a customer on a wool carpet - here are 10 reasons we have put together.

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As fantastic as wools may be, they may just not be for you. Synthetic carpets are popular because they are affordable, come in more trendy colours and are very soft underfoot. Everybody can have the option of living in comfort - and for an affordable price!




Different in nature and installation, naturals are also a quality choice for any home. These come in four, renewable and sustainable choices - coir, jute, seagrass and sisal. To find out more, check out our page dedicated to natural floor coverings.


Understanding Appearance


A plain carpet is one that doesn't have a two-tone appearance with no other colours visible aside from the main yarn used. Plain carpets will often look much cleaner and flatter. 




A heathered carpet is one that has a slight two or three-tone effect. Heathered carpets are usually soft in visual appearance and allow you to introduce more colours into your room. 




A berber carpet is the most speckled type of carpet. Berber carpets are amazing at hiding dirt because of the amount of colours standing out from the main base colour.



Understanding The Differances


Tufted carpets are the most common and popular. A tufted carpet simply refers to where the yarns have been punched through the back of the carpet producing a neat and uniform look. 




Loop carpets describe when the yarns have been 'loped' back into the backing material. These loops vary in size and tightness from small, hard bobbles to loose and stylish bouclés.




Woven carpets describe when the yarns have been woven in and out of the backing material. These are the finest quality carpets and tend to come in decorative designs. 



Helpful Terms

There are three terms used throughout the industry to rate or categorise carpets. Whilst we don't expect you to know any of these, they can be helpful to know when it comes to choosing your carpet. 


oz per square yard

This may come across as confusing jargon but it's a very simple but important phrase to understand. It refers to the weight, measured in ounces, of wool or synthetic fibres per square yard of the carpet. When comparing carpets this is important as a 40oz carpet will have less fibres than a denser 60oz carpet.


TOG Rating

A TOG rating is used as a way to measure the thermal insulation of a material - in this case, a carpet. A carpets TOG rating will be measured by a single number followed by two decimal places. The benefit of having a higher TOG rating means your carpet will be more effective at insulating your room.



The ply of a carpet is the number of yarns that have been twisted together. For example, a 2-ply carpet means that there are two yarns twisted together rather than just one single yarn. The number used to describe the ply in a carpet will go from 1 to 4. The higher the number results in a carpet that is most resistant to general wear.



Picking your new carpet is only half of the fun - the next step is selecting what goes underneath it. Just remember...

A good carpet deserves good underlay and a budget carpet needs good underlay! 

PU Foam

These are our most frequently used type of underlay. Our PU Foam's are warm, comfortable, durable and come in three depths, 7mm, 9mm and 11mm, meaning you choose what suits you the best. They act as an all round good choice for going under your carpet.


Crumb Rubber

A good crumb rubber underlay should see you through the years and more. Whilst they may not have the luxurious comfort of other types, they are able to withstand the heavy usage of a busy home and can come with a softer fibre topper.


Sponge Rubber

Our sponge rubber underlays are the epitome of underfoot luxury. Due to the dense makeup of sponge rubber, they are amazing at blocking out impact & airborne noise and they offer the most luxurious underfoot feel for around your home.


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At Simply Stunning Interiors we know all there is to know about achieving the perfectly finished floor. Each and every home is as unique as each and every customer. We understand the many considerations involved in your project so take advantage of our knowledge and have a chat with us. We’ll always guide you in the right direction!


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