Carpet Binding

We often find customers have 'cuts' (waste) left after their new carpet has been installed. To save these cuts from ending up in the bin or gathering dust in the attic, let us turn them into mats, rugs and runners for around your home. It's a very economical way of reducing waste, protecting your new/existing flooring and is an exceptionally affordable service! Simply save your cuts, bring them to our showroom, wait 5 working days and then one of our sales advisors will call you when they are ready!


Whilst you could simply cut your leftovers to the size you want, having them bound keeps them from fraying at the edges and adds that final finesse. In consequence, your pieces will last much longer and will not make mess around your home. When your carpet is bound our specialist binder will always try their hardest to match the binding to your base carpet colour.

Samples Of Carpet

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