• Adam Carpets

    'Synonymous for high quality products'


    Why Adam Carpets?

    Like many other brands we choose to shout about, we love Adam Carpets because they are a British company only an hour and a half away from our showroom. Each batch of carpet is rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality for your floors. One of our top ranges, Fine Worcester Twist, has now been produced for over 25 years!

    Who Are Adam Carpets?

    Adam Carpets have been producing fine wool carpets for over 75 years. From their HQ in kidderminster they have without doubt mastered the manufacturing process of carpet manufacture. 

    Fact) Did you know that Adam Carpets were the first UK manufacturer to produce a 5 metre wide carpet?

    Little Greene Collaboration

    After a period of fifteen months from when the project was first talked about, Adam Carpets and The Little Greene Paint Company have officially launched their new paint and carpet guide. For the first time ever you can now officially match your walls to your floors and this is something we are VERY excited about!


    As a leading Little Greene Paint supplier with the newest display unit, we are thrilled to have invested in two growing and innovative companies. We hope this enables us to provide our customers and clients the most comprehensive interiors solution on the market

    Two Flagship Ranges

    Castlemead Twist

    Fine Worcester Twist

    The original ‘hard twist’ carpet. Adam Carpets put up to 30% more ‘twist’ into the yarns in this range to make sure the carpet is durable and stays looking better for longer. There are an amazing 60 colours to choose from, some reflecting today’s fashions and trends, whilst others are more classical in their tone. Made with the finest British Wool, this stunning carpet has a 42oz pile weight and is available in 4m and 5m widths.


    Fine Worcester Twist is iconic within the carpet industry. It is made on a twin needle bar which is almost unique within the industry. This gives Fine Worcester its almost ‘billiard table’ finish. The 2-ply yarns are tufted on a 1/10th gauge machine, which also separates this beautiful carpet from the rest of the crowd. 65 colours are available in 4m and 5m widths, giving everyone the opportunity to find the right colour for them.